In-Class Discussion: Deans

In your groups, discuss and be prepared to share your answers to the following:

  1. Come up with 2-3 “takeaways” from Deans’ chapter. What are things that we need to be hyper aware of, in terms of text-making and relationship-building, as we begin to move forward in the course?
  2. Much of the chapter deals with writing that exists outside of academic genres? What genres have you explored/attempted outside of traditional academic writing? What are some challenges that came with working in these genres?
  3. Some of the chapter deals with the challenges and rewards of collaboration — especially feedback (the initial student essay, for example). Does this experience resonate with you and your group members? How so? To what degree? And what might we make of this, given the goals of our course?
  4. Many of you noted that you have done some sort of volunteer work/service already. How did this experience resonate with material you read from this chapter?

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