Resources & “Slipsum”

Last spring, I took a class at Awesome Inc. which is a fantastic tech- and business-related resource right here in Lexington. In case you haven’t heard of them before, here’s a quick introduction to them via their mission statement:

We exist to create and grow high tech startups. We do this by hosting community events, leading technology education courses and offering a shared workspace environment.

Not only did I learn a lot about web development during the class I took (see info about that and other classes here), I also gathered a lot of interesting tools and resources. One, which I mentioned during class on Tuesday, is the placeholder-text-generating website Samuel L. Ipsum* (text generated is referred to as “slipsum”).

*A word of caution before you go charging into slipsum: (which probably goes without saying for those familiar with some of the movies Mr. Jackson has been in): there is some foul language on this site. However, there are 3 text-generation options: 1) classic lorem ipsum (the gibberish-looking text you’ve likely seen before), 2) Slipsum Classic (the un-edited Samuel L. Jackson version), and 3) Slipsum Lite (a less foul version).

Something else worth mentioning: the text generated is specifically geared toward web writing (i.e., it will appear as code when you hit “generate it”), but the coding tags can obviously be removed rather easily.

Erik has shared some additional resources, which I mentioned in the most recent email I sent out and which are now also linked to from our “Resources” page. What about the rest of you — do you know of other resources (tools, sites, etc.) we should be accessing and possibly including on our course site? If so, share them here in a reply to this post.

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