Reading Responses

Four times this term, you will choose to write a response to our assigned reading. RRs should be 300-400 words. These can be written more informally in tone and in structure (i.e., it’s ok to use them to work out ideas rather than to present a clearly defined, thesis-driven essay); however, continue to be mindful of spelling, grammar, and language choices. Use RRs to untangle and grapple with complex ideas, ask questions, discover how you feel, agree and argue with the authors we read, etc. We will be looking for proof that you understand (or are trying to understand) what we’ve read, for your responses to our readings, and for you to make connections between what we’ve read and other texts and experiences. Connections could be to texts/experiences from our class or from outside of our class, but be sure to give enough explanation if it’s something from outside our class. Additionally, use the affordances of the medium — you’re writing in a blog, so include relevant links, images, videos, etc. We will not offer lengthy commentary due to time constraints, but if you have questions about a specific RR or grade, please schedule an office visit in advance. RR scoring guide:

0 √- √+ √++
Not submitted/submitted late Submitted, but not on topic or is underdeveloped Submitted, on topic, sufficient thought/content Submitted, on topic, good thought/content Submitted, on topic, excellent content/thought

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